Zhang Yuanji: BAINABEN ERSHISI SHI. (Bonaben Twenty Four Histories). Shanghai, 1930-37. Various paginations. 820 vols. 20x13 cm. Stitched.
GBP 10,000.00
Historians of China will long be grateful to Zhang Yuanji for his role in publishing this work. Dissatisfied with the editions generally available in China in the 1920's, Zhang resolved to seek out the best edition of each history and succeeded in obtaining many Song and Yuan texts for the project. Throughout this arduous undertaking, he acted as chief editor, supervising the collation of variant histories. Many of the editions reproduced in facsimile were from the Hanfenlou Collection, the rare book library that Zhang had assembled on behalf of the Commercial Press and which was later to be mostly destroyed in the Japanese bombing of Shanghai in 1932. Boorman I:138-140. For a breakdown of the histories and the editions reproduced, see Zhongguo congshu conglu I:631-633.
This set is contained in 24 traditional stackable wooden cases with front flip lids, manufactured in Hong Kong in the 1950s. Some damage to the wood and joints.
Item 672 in List 203.
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