Wenwu Chubanshe: ZHONGGUO JINSHI JICUI: DI SHI HAN: TANGDAI MUZHI. (A Collection of the Finest Chinese Inscriptions on Metal and Stone: Volume 10: Tang Dynasty Tomb Inscriptions). Beijing, 1995. 100 b/w folded reproductions of rubbings of inscriptions. 32x19 cm. Loose sheets, folded in envelopes.
GBP 100.00
Quality reproductions, of rubbings in a traditional format but with both scholarly and artistic significance.
A single case, No. 10, from a series of ten comprising reproductions of rubbings of 1000 of the best and most important Chinese inscriptions dating from the Shang dynasty down to the Qing. This Volume 10 comprises 100 actual-size reproductions of rubbings of inscriptions from important Tang tombs. Each rubbing bears the name and date of the tomb in modern Chinese. All text in Chinese. Some damage to the cloth case. Contents fine.
Subjects: Inscriptions
Available, as of: 12/02/2022
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