Zheng Kun artist: CHUN. (Spring). 春 。 鄭鶤 作. Shanghai, 1962. Diamond-shaped colour printed poster. 35x35 cm. Paper.
GBP 50.00
Early 1960s nianhua style diamond-shaped colourful Chinese New Year print with a red background and the image of a little girl on a tractor appearing to have driven it out of a large floral character 'chun' (Spring). Floral imagery abounds - not just in the 'Spring' character but the girl is clutching a bunch of blossom and there are flowers on the front of the tractor. The tractor's registration is 'Fengshou Hao' (Bountiful Harvest) so the poster oozes with good wishes for the year ahead and a good harvest. Text in Chinese. Couple of small marginal tears and crease from where folded, otherwise fine. Rare. Image available.
Subjects: Printing Folk Art
Item 680 in List 203.
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