Zhang Zhaoxiang: BAIHUASHI JIANPU. (The 'One Hundred Flower Poems' Letter Papers). 文美齋百華詩箋譜 。 張兆祥 繪. Beijing, 2012. 53; 51 folded leaves, Chinese-style. reproductions of colour woodcuts throughout. 2 vols. 30x19 cm. Stitched, in a brocade case.
GBP 180.00
Excellent facsimile of an edition of decorative 'letter papers' first issued in 1911. Beautiful illustrations from designs by Zhang Zhaoxiang. All text in Chinese.
  See: Visible Traces: Item 23, pp. 97-100. Zhongguo Meishu Quanji: Huihua Bian 20: Banhua: Item 210, p. 218 and p. 76.
Subjects: Woodcuts
Item 294 in List 202.
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