Pan Lusheng ed: ZHONGGUO MINJIAN MEISHU QUANJI 1-14. (A Collection of China's Folk Art). Ji'nan, 1993. c. 300 pp. Colour plates throughout each volume. 14 vols. 34x27 cm. Silk, slipcase.
GBP 900.00
14 volume set of this large-format excellent visual reference. Content as follows.
1. Spiritual Images; 2. Ceremonial Offerings; 3. Domestic Houses; 4. Furnishings; 5. Clothing Part I; 6. Clothing Part II; 7. Everyday Objects; 8. Handicrafts; 9. New Year Prints; 10. Papercuts; 11. Masks and Opera Makeup; 12. Puppets and Shadow Theatre; 13. Toys and Playthings; 14. Society and Fire.
Each volume illustrated throughout in colour. The best work on the subject. In Chinese. Long out-of-print.
Subjects: Folk Art
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