Zheng Haiyao & von der Burg, Christer ed: MING DYNASTY COLOUR-PRINTED EROTICA. The Christer von der Burg Collection. 馮氏藏明刻春宮善本圖冊 。 鄭海瑤 馮德保 編著. Monaco, 2022. 264; 168; 168 pp. Colour plates throughout all 3 volumes. 3 vols. 31x27 cm. Cloth, slipcase.
GBP 800.00
Three-volume work containing actual-size facsimiles of the highly-important collection of nine editions of extremely rare and finely-executed late Ming colour-printed erotic works (plus one related Japanese work) once in the collection of Shibui Kiyoshi and now held by Christer von der Burg. The collection, amongst other rarities, contains the earliest-known dated Chinese colour-printed woodblock book. Volume One contains ten pertinent essays, the majority of which first appeared in Orientations magazine but also included here are two new contributions by Wu Cuncun and Weng Lianxi. The essays are then followed by complete facsimile reproductions of the ten works, all done to a very high specification.
 Of importance for the history of printing in China, in particular, colour printing in the late Ming dynasty. Also of much value for the study of Chinese art relating to domestic interiors, furniture and interior design, textiles, clothing, the social and sexual culture of the time, gardens and garden design and much more.
 Text to essays in English. Facsimiles all in Chinese.
 Published in a limited numbered edition of 500 copies. Each copy signed in Volume One by Christer von der Burg.
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Subjects: Sex Woodcuts
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