YUANMINGYUAN SISHI JING YUYONG YIN JI. (Compilation of Imperial Seals Used in the 'Illustrations of Forty Scenes in The Garden of Perfect Brightness'). Shanghai, 2015. 2, 49 folded leaves. 97 reproductions of red seals of varying sizes. 28x18 cm. Stitched.
GBP 60.00
The illustrated album of 'Forty Scenes of Yuanmingyuan' was painted at the order of the Qianlong Emperor in 1736 by the Qing court painters, Shen Yuan and Tang Dai. Forty scenes of palace buildings and garden landscapes of this famous destroyed imperial residence were depicted, each accompanied by a poem composed by the Qianlong Emperor and written by the famous calligrapher, Wang Youdun. The album also bore specially-commissioned imperial seals, artistry in themselves. These unique seals are reproduced here and are testament to the highest quality seal carving in the Qing dynasty. All text in Chinese. Very hard to obtain.
Subjects: Seals Carvings
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