YUENAN RENMIN ZAI SHEHUIZHUYI DA DAO SHANG MAIJIN: QINGZHU YUENAN MINZHU GONGHEGUO JIAN GUO SHIWU ZHOU NIAN. (The Vietnamese People are Advancing along the Great Path of Socialism: To Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam). 越南人民在社會主義大道上邁進 : 慶祝越南民主共和國建國十五週年. N.p., 1960. 20 paper sheets. Title page with decorative design plus 19 bearing b/w photographs of various sizes measuring c. 15x10 cm. Accompanying descriptive paper slips pasted below. 41x28 cm. Loose.
GBP 100.00
Comprises a title page with title, printed image of industry and construction and introductory text. Followed by 19 sheets each bearing a black-and-white photograph with descriptive paper slips glued below. Produced to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The 19 photographs show scenes predominantly of industrial and agricultural production - proving the advances being made under Socialism. The photographs are consecutively numbered from 1 to 19 and may comprise a complete set. In any event a very rare compilation of official and early communist Chinese propaganda relating to Vietnam. All text in Chinese, Creasing to the paper sheets. The photographs in good condition.
Subjects: Propaganda Photography
Item 666 in List 203.
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