Yu Xuanji: TANG NULANG YU XUANJI SHIJI. (The Poems of Yu Xuanji, a Female Poet of the Tang Period). Beijing, 1999. 24 openings of colour reproductions, 8 pp. text booklet. Frontispiece portrait. 33x21 cm. Accordion-style, between wooden boards (front cover with carved title), cloth case.
GBP 160.00
Wonderful facsimile of a fine Song period edition of the poems of Yu Xuanji (844-868), one of China's best-known female poets. She became the concubine of an official in the capital, Chang'an and, after being tortured by his wife, left to become a Daoist nun, entertaining scholars and gentleman in her chambers. According to one account, she was executed at the age of 24 for the murder of her maid, whom she suspected of carrying on with one of her gentleman callers. In this facsimile the printed text is fully reproduced in colour - an excellent example of Song printing and book design - along with many colophons by famous collectors and connoisseurs. There is a finely painted portrait of the poet prefaced to the album, also reproduced. A detailed account of the book, this copy's provenance and its literary context is provided in a separate eight-page booklet with text by Li Zhizhong of the Beijing Library, where the original is now held. In Chinese only.
Subjects: Poetry
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