YUAN HUA QUANJI. A Complete Collection of Yuan Paintings. 元畫全集. Hangzhou, 2013. Various paginations. Colour plates throughout each volume. 16 vols. 44x30 cm. Silk-covered boards. Cloth case.
GBP 12,000.00
Magnificent set of 16 volumes that shows over 600 Yuan dynasty paintings, handscrolls and album leaves held in public and private collections worldwide. The most authoritative and exhaustive compilation of Yuan dynasty painting ever published. A valuable visual and research resource and a beautiful work. Out-of-print.
 All the paintings, handscrolls and album leaves are reproduced in their entirety.
 Initial views of a painting or handscroll generally show panoramas of the painting in its entirety in a reduced size and includes any accompanying appended calligraphy appreciating the painting over the ages.
 The painting or handscroll is then shown actual size or as close to actual size as permitted by the format of the book. Accompanying calligraphy is not reproduced.
 If a painting is too large to allow actual size reproduction, then a section of the painting is shown actual size so as to allow true and accurate appreciation.
 Album leaves are all shown actual size.
 Close-up detail of many of the works including magnified sections to show full detail of the artistry.
 Name of each painting, artist and size given in English. Main text and descriptions in Chinese.
 In five parts:
 Part One: Gugong Palace Museum in Beijing. Four volumes. A total of 132 paintings.
 Part Two: Shanghai Museum. Three volumes. 90 paintings.
 Part Three: Other Chinese Collections. Three volumes. 107 paintings.
 Part Four: Japanese Collections. Two volumes. 106 paintings.
 Part Five: European and American Collections. Four volumes. 170 paintings.
 Note that the set excludes Yuan paintings in the National Palace Museum in Taiwan.
Subjects: Painting
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