YIHEYUAN CANG WENWU DAXI: WAIGUO WENWU JUAN. (Compendium of Cultural Relics in the Summer Palace: Foreign Artifacts). Beijing, 2018. 203 pp. Colour plates throughout, a number full page. Colour and b/w text illustrations. 29x21 cm. Cloth.
GBP 130.00
One in a series of volumes on the collections held in the Yiheyuan Summer Palace in Beijing. The collections are still relatively little-published. This volume is of particular interest as it illustrates non-Chinese artefacts imported into China from the West and acquired by the imperial court, most probably at the behest of the Dowager Empress, Cixi. Demonstrates the ongoing fascination the Court had with things foreign. Divided into sections on glass (29 objects), ceramics, enamels, clocks and 'other items'. Some 200 items are shown. All Illustrated in colour and described. Practically all objects previously unpublished. Text in Chinese.
Subjects: Art Beijing
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