Yang Furu artist: FU: GONGSHE FENGSHOU. (Happiness: A Bountiful Harvest at the Commune). 福 : 公社豐收 。 楊馥如 作. Shanghai, 1959. Diamond-shaped colour-printed poster 53x53 cm. Paper.
GBP 400.00
Wondrously-gorgeous kitsch diamond-shaped poster promoting the good life on the then newly-established Peoples Communes in communist China in the late 1950s. A healthy and happy running little boy in colourful clothing and clutching an overly large peach is depicted with a huge red 'fu' (happiness) character (with sheaves of golden corn contained within the ' fu' character) as a backdrop and the characters 'gong she feng shou' (Bountiful Harvest at the Commune) are illustrated in yellow, one character at each point of the diamond shape. A green background design to the poster and red stylised flower margin design competes the vibrant ensemble. The artist little-known - Yang Furu. Text in Chinese. A few little tears to the edges of the poster and creases from where folded with very slight loss at one point where creases meet. A rare survival from the 1950s. Image available on request.
Subjects: Folk Art Propaganda
Item 659 in List 203.
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