Weng Lianxi & Liu Yu ed: OUZHOU FENG SHI CANG ZHONGGUO GUDAI BANHUA CONGKAN. The von der Burg Collection of Ancient Chinese Printing (Part One). 歐洲馮氏藏中國古代版畫叢刊 。 翁連溪 劉禹 主編. Beijing, 2020. Various paginations. Facsimile reproductions of books and prints throughout all volumes. 100 vols. 29x21 cm. Cloth, slipcase.
GBP 10,000.00
Part One in 100 volumes. Complete facsimile reproductions of rare printed works collected by Christer von der Burg. Divided into sections on works related to: religions, crafts, technology and agriculture, illustrated albums, landscapes, travels, anthologies, biographies etc., literature and stories and a final section of various other works. The works date from the Song through to the Republic period. All works are exhaustively reproduced in their entirety. A few of the works are shown actual size, the majority in a somewhat-reduced format. All reproduced to a high standard.
 Volume One has a complete listing of the contents of the 100 volumes which mirrors the listing of the works in the (separately sold) illustrated index volume. A copy of this index volume is included gratis with the set for ease of reference and access to this large undertaking.
 Introductions to all works in Chinese and English. All text to facsimile reproductions in Chinese.
 A second part in 100 volumes is also in the process of publication.
Subjects: Printing Woodcuts
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