Wen Kang: HUITU PINGDIAN ERNU YINGXIONG CHUAN. (An Illustrated Edition of Tales of Heroic Sons and Daughters with Commentaries). Shanghai, 1892. Various paginations. 80 full page b/w lithographic illustrations. 8 vols. 16x11 cm. Stitched, new cloth case.
GBP 1,700.00
Wen Kang - late Qing dynasty novelist - wrote this well-known tale of chivalry and romance during the Daoguang reign. The work is also known as 'The Gallant Maid'. By the end of the Qing dynasty, there was a distinct genre of gallant fiction, of which this is one of the most famous examples. The work contains a total of 40 chapters, each chapter illustrated with two full page lithographic illustrations with exquisite detail. This appears to be the first lithographic edition of the work as far as we can ascertain. Produced by the Shanghai Shuju publishing house in Shanghai. All text in Chinese. Very rare.
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