Watters, Thomas trans: ON YUAN CHWANG'S TRAVELS IN INDIA (A. D. 629-645). New Delhi, 1961. xiii, 401 pp; 357 pp. 2 folding maps. 22x15 cm. Cloth, dustjacket.
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Reprint of the original 1904-05 edition. Two volumes in one. Yuan Chwang is somewhat better known as the famous Buddhist monk and pilgrim, Xuanzang, who travelled to India in the 7th century to visit the sacred places of Buddhism and who brought back to China many Buddhist texts and sutras. Watter's work on the Chinese record of Xuanzang's travels - Xiyu Ji (Records of Travels to the West) comprised a collection of critical notes that was edited into this work after his death by S. Bushell and T. W. Rhys Davids. Both viewed Watter's research as superior to Samuel Beal's work of 1881. Decent Indian reprint.
Subjects: History
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