Wang Gai et al: JIEZIYUAN HUAPU DAQUAN: CHU JI, ER JI, SAN JI. (The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting: Parts 1-3). Shanghai, 1926. 12 ce. Various paginations of folded leaves. B/w lithographic reproductions of woodcuts throughout. 20x13 cm. Cloth, cloth case.
GBP 450.00
A popular, small-format, but very well-produced, lithographic edition of the well-known Mustard Seed Garden painting manual. The bibliographic history of the 'Jieziyuan Huazhuan' is highly complex. The first edition of the first collection is dated 1679 (as is the preface here) but there are many differing theories concerning extant copies and editions. As the manual was so popular, it was much reproduced in varying qualities and formats. The good woodblock editions have very fine multiblock, multicolour printing.
This fine monochrome lithographic edition was published by Shijie Shuju, a known publisher of good lithographic editions in Shanghai in the early 20th century.
All text in Chinese. Rare in such fine condition and with the original cloth-covered cardboard case.
Subjects: Illustrated Books Painting
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