Various,: FIVE BOOKS OF CHINESE POETRY. With Illustrations by Contemporary Chinese Woodblock Artists. Shenyang, 2020. Each volume c. 110-120 pp. plus a number of full page illustrations from woodcuts. 5 vols. 22x15 cm. Cloth, dustjacket.
GBP 150.00
A set of five volumes of poetry, each by a 20th century Chinese poet; Dai Wangshu, Hu Shi, Kang Baiqing, Wen Yiduo and Xu Zhimo. A number of the poems have English translations but are predominantly given in just the original Chinese. The works are beautifully enhanced with full page illustrations of woodcuts done by five different contemporary and accomplished Chinese woodblock artists. Each artist devoted his/her attention to one volume. The collections of poetry are as follows and then name of the woodblock artist.
Dai Wangshu: Wangshu Shi Gao (Poems by Wangshu). Illustrations by Huang Jinyi.
Hu Shi: Chang Shi Ji (Things Tasted and Tried). Illustrations by Zhang Qiuyuan.
Kang Baiqing: Cao Er (Son of the Grass). Illustrations by Guo Shuang.
Wen Yiduo: Hong Zhu Si Shui (Red Candle, Dead Water). Illustrations by Liao Lei.
Xu Zhimo: Zhimo de Shi (Zhimo's Poems). Illustrations by Chen Mingming.
All text in Chinese. A pleasing thing.
Subjects: Poetry Woodcuts
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