Various: A COLLECTION OF BOOKS ON OPIUM. Various, Various. Various sizes, paginations and numbers of illustrations. 22 vols. Cloth and paper.
GBP 400.00
A collection of 22 works on opium. Comprises:
Lovell: Opium War; Hodgson: Opium - A Portrait of the Heavenly Demon; Booth: Opium - A History; Maveety: Opium: Pipes, Prints & Paraphernalia; Lee: Opium Culture; Armero: Arts of an Addiction; Flow: The Chinese Encounter with Opium; Gilman: Smoke - A Global History of Smoking; Wigal: Mystique of Opium; Benedict: Golden-Silk Smoke; Morrison: English Opium-Eater - A Biography of Thomas de Quincey; Lubbock: The Opium Clippers (reprint); Zheng: The Social Life of Opium in China; Farrere: Black Opium; Collis: Foreign Mud; Rowntree: The Imperial Drug Trade; Hayter: Opium in the Romantic Imagination; Goldsmith: The Trail of Opium; Martin: The Art of Opium Antiques; Martin: Opium Fiend; Cocteau: Opium - The Diary of an Addict.
Plus a Chinese propaganda pamphlet (in English): The Opium War.
Subjects: Opium
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