TINGYUN GE ZHEN CANG SHEN XIAOMEI HUA GAO. Sketches of Pictures by Shen Xiaomei Treasured in the Collection of the Pavilion of Stationary Clouds (Tingyun Ge)). Shanghai, 1923. 28; 25 folded leaves. Full page b/w lithographic illustrations throughout both volumes. 2 vols. 27x15 cm. Stitched. Cloth case.
GBP 500.00
Appealing two-volume collection of full page lithographic images comprising illustrations from paintings by the accomplished but unknown early 20th century artist, Shen Xiaomei. Active in Shanghai, the centre of China's lithography printing industry. Testament to the skill and finesse of the lithographic printing process, these paintings demonstrate exquisite detail in many of the illustrations. The paintings show traditional themes, beautiful women, birds and flowers, mountain landscapes - a wide variety. In fine condition with the original case. All text in Chinese. Rare.
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