(Teijiro Mizoguchi & Teruo Akiyama): MEI GA SHIN SHU. (New Tens of Famous Paintings). Tokyo, 1942. Each vol. with 12/13 folded leaves. A total of 100 full page plates, the majority b/w collotype, a number of tipped-in colour plates. B/w text plates. 10 vols. 49x33 cm. Stitched. Decorative paper covers.
GBP 600.00
An intriguing and elusive work about which we can find little information. Published in 1942 when despite Pearl Harbor, life continued as normal in Japan. A varied compilation of very fine Chinese and (predominantly) Japanese paintings by many eminent artists from the time of China's Yuan dynasty through to the Edo period in Japan. Perhaps produced to demonstrate the strength of painting collections in Japan? Perhaps an exhibition?
Teijiro Mizoguchi & Teruo Akiyama, both curators at the Imperial Household Museum, selected the works within.
Item 596 in List 203.
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