Tokiwa Taijo & Sekino Tadashi: CHUGOKU BUNKA SHISEKI. (Cultural Monuments in China). Kyoto, 1975-76. 13 vols. b/w plates comprising a total of 1493 pp. b/w plates showing 2612 b/w photographs. Each volume has a list of plates. (Vol. 13 also has 78 pp. text with b/w text illustrations and plans.). Accompanied by 2 smaller text volumes (23x17 cm): Vol. 1: 18 pp. b/w plates (2 folding) and 889 pp. text; Vol. 2: 14 pp. b/w plates (2 folding) and 820 pp. text. 15 vols. 38x27 cm. Cloth.
GBP 9,000.00
Rare reprint of a large and highly-important work on Chinese historical remains, cultural monuments and relics, including sculpture, architecture etc. The photographs were taken at various times in China from the mid 1920s through to the mid 1930s on expeditions led by Professor Sekino Tadashi and his assistant, Tokiwa Taijo. Includes thousands of interesting photographs of monuments and relics in their original and unrepaired state. Many of the monuments and relics are no longer extant. Many of those that survive have been greatly altered through unsophisticated restoration and renovation. Of great relevance for the study and research of Chinese art history.

The quality of the black-and-white plates is good and images are the same size as in the original. Comprises 13 volumes of plates (size 38x27 cm) and 2 smaller text volumes (size 23x17 cm). Reprint (and enlarged edition - see below) of the highly sought-after, but impossible to find, 1939-41 original work 'Shina Bunka Shiseki'. Text in Japanese.
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