TOJI TAIKEI - A COMPLETE SET. (Ceramics of East Asia). Tokyo, 1970s. Various paginations. Colour and b/w illustrations in each volume. 48 vols. 27x19 cm. Cloth.
GBP 600.00
A complete assembly of this 48 volume work on the ceramics of Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and Thailand, plus a final volume on Persian ceramics. Japanese text only. The contents of the volumes are as follows:
1: Jomon Pottery; 2: Yayoi Pottery; 3: Haniwa Figurines; 4: Sue Ware; 5: Nara Sansei; 6: Old Seto Wares; 7: Tokoname and Echizen Wares; 8: Shigaraki and Iga Wares; 9: Tamba Ware; 10: Bizen Ware; 11: White Shino and Black Seto Wares; 12: Oribe Wares; 13: Karatsu Ware; 14: Hagi and Izumo; 15: Ueno and Takatori Wares; 16: Satsuma; 17: Chojiro's Raku; 18: Koetsu Ware; 19: Imari; 20: Kakiemon; 21: Nabeshima Wares; 22: Kutani; 23: Ninsei Ware: 24: Kenzan Ware; 25: Mokubei; 26: Later Kyoyaki; 27: Japanese Folk Pottery; 28: Modern Japanese Ceramics; 29: Korean Celadons; 30: Korean Mishima Ware; 31: Yi Coloured Ware; 32: Chawan of Old Korea; 33: Ancient Chinese Pottery; 34: Chinese Clay Figures; 35: Tricolour Tang Ceramics; 36: Chinese Celadon; 37: Chinese White Porcelains; 38: Temmoku Ware: 39: Cizhou Wares; 40: Liao Ceramics; 41: Yuan Coloured Wares; 42: Ming Blue and White; 43: Ming Enamelled Ware; 44: Ko-Sometsuke and Shonsui; 45: Nanking Enamelled Ware; 46: Imperial Qing Wares; 47: Pottery of Vietnam and Thailand; 48: Persian Ceramics.
Each volume typically has 120-140 pages and 80-100 illustrations, both colour and black-and-white. Japanese text only. A couple of copies are somewhat bumped but, in general, in fine condition. A rarely-seen set.
Subjects: Ceramics
Item 233 in List 204.
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