Tie Yuan & Xi Ming: QINGDAI GUANYAO CIQI SHI. (The History of Qing Dynasty Ceramics Produced for the Imperial Court). Beijing, 2012. 1163 pp. Numerous small colour text plates. Tables. 4 vols. 31x24 cm. Boards.
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A detailed and scholarly four-volume survey of the production and use of ceramics commissioned by the Qing dynasty imperial court. The work is divided into 19 chapters: 1. General Introduction to the Production of Imperial Ceramics; 2. Craftsmen Involved in the Production of Imperial Ceramics; 3. Techniques of Production; 4. The Economics and Costs of Production; 5. Styles and Methods Used; 6. Quality Control; 7. Types of Ceramics; 8. Ceramics for Use in Sacrifices; 9. Ceramics for Use in Buddhist Rituals; 10. Imperial Ceramics for the Scholar's Study; 11. Ceramics Bestowed as an Imperial Reward; 12. Ceramics Used at Banquets and at the Emperor's Table; 13. Ceramics to be Used for Display; 14. Ceramics for Imperial Wedding Ceremonies; 15. Ceramics Used in Ceremonies Bestowing Longevity; 16. Ceramics Used in Funeral Ceremonies; 17. Ceramics to be Placed in Tombs; 18. The Storage of Imperial Ceramics; 19. Loss and Damage. Supplements accompany. The volumes are illustrated with numerous colour text plates showing superb Qing dynasty imperial ceramics from 8 top Chinese museums, including the Gugong Museum in Beijing and the National Palace Museum in Taibei. Whilst this study focusses on Qing dynasty ceramics, there is much that is pertinent to the production and use of earlier Ming dynasty ceramics. An excellent research reference that provides many insights and much information. Text in Chinese. Always difficult to obtain and now also out-of-print.
Subjects: Ceramics
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