Tao Xiang comp: SHEYUAN SUOJIAN SONGBAN SHUYING. (Reproductions from Song-period Editions Collected by Tao Xiang). Yangzhou, 1998. 55; 54 folded leaves, Chinese-style. Reproductions of pages from rare books throughout. 2 vols. 34x23 cm. Stitched brocade, cloth case.
GBP 120.00
Tao Xiang was a prominent industrialist during the early part of the Republican period, as well as a bibliophile and fine printer. This work is a excellent facsimile of his own illustrated record (originally issued 1937) of forty Song-period titles which passed through his hands, displaying, in reproduction, 100 pages from these rare books. It is divided into two collections ('ji'), and the contents lists give an indication of dates, publishers and collectors. Out-of-print and scarce.
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