Shi Jinbo and Yalin Wushou’er: ZHONGGUO HUOZI YINSHUASHU DE FAMING HE ZAOQI CHUANBO: XIXIA HE HUIGU HUOZI YINSHUA SHU YANJIU. (The Invention and Transmission of Techniques of Printing by Moveable Type in China: Studies of Printing by Moveable Type in Xixia and Huigu Cultures). Beijing, 2000. 10, 130 pp. 33 colour plates, monochrome text illustrations throughout. 30x22 cm. Cloth.
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Unique study of an important and neglected aspect of printing history in China. The extensive material on Xixia and Uyghur moveable type printing is augmented with chapters on its dissemination in Korea, Japan and along the Silk Road. Contents pages in English and French, otherwise Chinese only.
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