Shigemori, S: NIHON KADO BIJUTSU ZENSHU. (The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging). Kyoto, 1929. 28; 27; 27; 27; 27 folded leaves. 125 full page illustrations, the majority b/w. 5 vols. 31x23 cm. Stitched.
GBP 80.00
A pleasing five volume work from the early Showa period discussing the art of Japanese flower arranging. Each volume contains 25 full page illustrations of a flower arrangement accompanied by a page of descriptive text. The fine illustrations are a combination of black-and-white line drawings, b/w collotype and b/w photographic illustrations. A minority of the illustrations are lovely colour collotypes. All text in Japanese. Scarce.
Subjects: Botany Flower Arrangement
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