Shen Jin: MEIGUO HAFU DAXUE HAFU YANJING TUSHUGUAN ZHONGWEN SHANBEN SHUZHI. (Annotated Bibliography of the Fine and Rare Chinese Editions in the Harvard-Yenching Institute Library). Hafu Yanjing Tushuguan Shumu Congkan (Harvard-Yenching Bibliographical Series) 7. Shanghai, 1999. 17, 927 pp. 10 pp. of colour plates. Bibliography, Indexes (author and title, four-corner). 27x20 cm. Cloth.
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An exemplary, highly detailed bibliography of rare Chinese books in an important western collection. This is, in fact, a first volume covering Song, Yuan and Ming period editions. A continuation, on fine Qing-period and manuscript (gaoben and chaoben) editions is in preparation and to follow. In Chinese only.
Subjects: Bibliography Rare Books
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