Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum; Bai Wenyu ed: SHENYANG GUGONG BOWUYUAN YUANCANG JINGPIN DAXI: YUQI JUAN. (Compendium of Treasures in the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum: Jades). 瀋陽故宮博物院院藏院藏精品大系 : 玉器卷 。 白文煜 主編. Shenyang, 2017. 21 pp. text and 274 pp. colour plates, many full page. 38x29 cm. Cloth.
GBP 225.00
Large-format high-quality work comprising one in a series on the little-published Shenyang Forbidden City collection. This volume shows a wide variety of jades. In sections: Immaculate Suet White Jades; Virtuous Celadon Jades; Gentle Topaz; Emerald Green Nephrite Jades; Splendid Jades; Precious Jadeites. A total of 150 beautiful and rare examples are illustrated in fine colour plates, many full page with many objects shown in multiple views. Many of the smaller objects are shown larger than life so that full detail can be appreciated. Much previously-unpublished imperial material from the Qing dynasty. Detailed list of contents and plates plus captions to plates in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Jade
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