Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum; Bai Wenyu ed: SHENYANG GUGONG BOWUYUAN YUANCANG JINGPIN DAXI: QIQI JUAN. (Compendium of Treasures in the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum: Lacquers). 瀋陽故宮博物院院藏院藏精品大系 : 漆器卷 。 白文煜 主編. Shenyang, 2017. 23 pp. text and 272 pp. colour plates, many full page. 38x29 cm. Cloth.
GBP 225.00
Large-format high-quality work comprising one in a series on the little-published Shenyang Forbidden City collection. This volume shows lacquers. In sections: Painted Lacquer Wares; Carved Lacquer Wares; Qiangjin and Tianqi Lacquer Wares; Gold Lacquer Wares; Embellished Lacquer Wares. Divided into various categories within these sections. A total of 143 beautiful and rare examples are illustrated in fine colour plates, many full page with many objects shown in multiple views and with close-up detail. Much previously-unpublished imperial material from the Qing dynasty. Detailed list of contents and plates plus captions to plates in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Lacquer
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