SEKAI BIJUTSU ZENSHU 12-17: CHUGOKU 1-6. (Art of the World: Volumes 12-17: China: 1-6). Tokyo, 1962-66. c.250 pp. per volume. A few colour and numerous b/w plates (typically a total of 150 plates or so) to each volume. 6 vols. 26x18 cm. Cloth.
GBP 300.00
The complete set of six volumes on Chinese art in this good series. Vol. 1: Yin, Zhou, Warring States; Vol. 2: Qin and Han; Vol. 3: Six Dynasties; Vol. 4: Sui and Tang; Vol. 5: Song and Yuan; Vol. 6: Ming and Qing. Numerous fine examples from the various periods are shown in each volume together with illustrations of some sites in China. The majority of artefacts shown are held in Japanese museum collections but also include some objects from museums outside Japan. Captions and list of plates (also giving museum collection where object held) in English. in each volume. Main text in Japanese. Scarce.
Subjects: Art
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