Shaanxi Archaeological Research Institute ed: DA LIN DA YA: LANTIAN LU SHI JIAZU MU CHUTU WENWU JINGCUI. (Cultural Treasures Excavated from the Lu Family Cemetery at Lantian). Beijing, 2018. vii pp. text plus 222 pp. colour plates, many full page. 29x21 cm. Cloth.
GBP 90.00
Very interesting work illustrating and discussing the fine finds made following archaeological excavations at the Lu Family Cemetery located at Lantian in China's Shaanxi province. The Lu family was eminent during the Northern Song period and this is reflected in the quality of the goods found in various graves. Includes fine Yaozhou wares, russet/persimmon glazed ceramics, white wares, celadons, metal and ceramic teawares, partridge-feather and hare's-fur teabowls, bronze ewers, scholar's studio items and much more of interest, especially small bronze items. All illustrated in colour. Captions to plates in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology
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