Sydney L. Moss Ltd: THIS SINGLE FEATHER OF AUSPICIOUS LIGHT. Old Chinese Painting and Calligraphy. London, 2010. 1363 pp. 730 full page colour plates. 8 foldouts 7 vols. 35x25 cm. Cloth, cloth case.
GBP 1,650.00
A monumental (in all senses of the word) dealer's catalogue produced to the highest standards showing a total of 108 works by artists from the late Ming, the Qing dynasty and one from the 20th century. Comprises four volumes of text and illustration plus three separate foldout volumes accordion-style, each reproducing an individual handscroll in its full and original format.
All the works are described in exhaustive detail and illustrated in full. Translations of all inscriptions, poems, colophons and seals. Almost without exception, all the handscrolls, small and medium-sized albums and fans are reproduced to their actual size and the utmost care has been taken to ensure accurate reproduction of colour and tone. Large paintings are shown in their entirety and with close-up detail.
The paintings include handscrolls by famous artists such as Ding Yunpeng and Wu Bin, together with paintings by many little-known but highly-accomplished artists. Incorporates a range of styles and formats of Ming and Qing calligraphy, including a few Ming fans of high quality and great beauty. There is a specific focus on late 17th century paintings from the Anhui and Huangshan schools.
Three unusually large handscrolls are published full size and in their entirety in separate hard bound foldout volumes allowing examination and appreciation of these works in their original format. The three foldouts comprise a calligraphic work by Hsu Lin (Xu Lin) (1462-1508), a landscape handscroll by Lan Ying (1585-1660s) and a large calligraphic work by Sun Ch'eng-Tse (Sun Chengzi) (c.1592-1676).
The four text volumes measure 35x25 cm, the 3 foldout volumes measure 50x35 cm.
The work as a whole comprises a marvellous study resource and, furthermore, is a joy to investigate. Its sheer size and scale encourages examination and discovery on an ongoing basis. The text is erudite yet readable.
Subjects: Painting
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