Orders may be conveyed to us by email, phone, or post.

Please just quote either the six character ITEM CODE (in the top left of each full book record) or the List and Items numbers.

Authors and short titles can be a helpful double-check but the ITEM CODE or List+Item Number is all we need.

We can obtain multiple copies of some books and, of course, all new books.

When ORDERING BY EMAIL, please send to the email address on our banner and include the words ‘Book Order’ in your subject line.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not acknowledge orders unless you explicitly ask us to do so. However, we will get back to you promptly with availability information.

If an out-of-print book which you order is already sold, we will make a note of this on our database, and will send you an OFFER as and when we come across another copy.

Placing an order

Payment & Terms

For details of payment and terms, please consult this linked PDF document. These details can also be found in pdf lists.


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