Rong Geng: BAOYUN LOU YIQI TULU & WUYING DIAN YIQI TULU. (Illustrations of Ritual Bronze Vessels from the Baoyun Lou & Illustrations of Ritual Bronze Vessels from Wuying Dian). 寶蘊樓彝器圖錄 & 武英殿彝器圖錄 。 容庚 編輯. Beijing, 2012. 594 pp. B/w illustrations throughout. 33x22 cm. Stitched.
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Facsimile reproductions of two rare Republic period works on archaic Chinese bronzes collected by the Chinese emperors.
 Baoyun Lou Yiqi Tulu: This comprises collotype illustrations of bronze vessels dating from the Shang through to the Han held in the Qing Imperial Palace in Shenyang, together with reproductions of rubbings of their inscriptions, and descriptive text.
 Wuying Dian Yiqi Tulu: This shows many illustrations, rubbings of designs and inscriptions, and very thorough descriptions of ancient bronzes in the collection of the Chinese emperors held in the Wuyingdian Hall in the Forbidden City in Beijing.
 Both works were originally printed in a limited edition of 300 copies and the originals are very rare. All text in Chinese.
Subjects: Bronzes
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