Ren Xiong, Cai Zhaochu and Wang Ling: YUYUE XIANXIAN ZHUAN ZAN. (Portraits and Biographies of Illustrious Forebears from Yuyue). 於越先賢傳簪 。 任渭長 等 編繪. Ren Weichang Renwu Banhua. Beijing, 1995. 3, 7, 40, 33; 3, 40, 30 folded leaves. 80 b/w woodcut portraits. 2 vols. 26x16 cm. Stitched, cloth case.
GBP 200.00
Fine facsimile of one of the masterpieces of late Qing woodcut illustration. The original edition was issued in 1857. Ren produced the portraits of famous historical figures from the area south of Hangzhou, Cai was the woodblock carver and Wang wrote the biographies. In Chinese.
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