QINGZHU ZHONGHUA RENMIN GONGHEGUO CHENGLI ERSHIWU ZHOU NIAN QUANGUO MEISHU ZUOPIN ZHANLAN ZUOPIN XUANJI. (In Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Founding of the Peoples Republic of China: A Selection from the National Exhibition of Works of Art). Beijing, 1975. 3 pp. text booklet plus 109 loose colour plates. English insert. 32x38 cm. Loose in cardboard case.
GBP 800.00
An excellent Chinese communist propaganda compilation produced towards the end of the Cultural Revolution period under the auspices of the State Council. The 109 plates include traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, woodblock prints, New Year prints, propaganda posters and a few sculptures. There is a (complete) total of 109 loose plates in a cardboard folder. The subjects and themes of the paintings reflect the political campaigns and other issues of the day from military vigilance to agricultural production, the glory of Chairman Mao and Mao Zedong thought, the achievements and virtues of other political leaders, selfless Communist heroes, industrialisation and much more. Provides a survey of the officially-approved art of the day and officially-sanctioned artists. A fascinating study tool for the link of art and politics in the Cultural Revolution period.
To assist with the identification of the plates (and to keep them in order!) we have numbered the list of contents from 1-109 and numbered each plate on the back.
Item 516 in List 203.
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