QINGZHU ZHONGGUO RENMIN JIEFANGJUN JIANJUN WUSHI ZHOU NIAN MEISHU ZUOPIN XUAN. (A Selection of Works of Art to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Peoples Liberation Army of China). Beijing, 1978. 3 pp. text booklet plus 60 loose colour plates. English insert. 32x38 cm. Loose in cardboard folder.
GBP 500.00
A fine Communist propaganda compilation produced in the immediate aftermath of the Cultural Revolution period, the Death of Mao and the Fall of the Gang of Four. The 60 colour plates show various glorious battles and deeds in the 50 year history of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) together with illustrations of selfless and model military behaviour. The plates also underline the primacy of the role of Mao Zedong in the PLA's history and success. It thus links the PLA inextricably with the legacy of Mao and seeks to underline the legitimacy of the PLA's primary role in Chinese politics. The role of the PLA in Chinese politics and the legacy of Mao were key political issues at the time that this compilation was produced. A further interesting aspect is how little Mao's successor, Hua Guofeng, features in the compilation - just three plates depict him. The PLA senior generals never truly accepted Hua Guofeng and rapidly threw their lot in with their battle-hardened veteran comrade, Deng Xiaoping, following his rehabilitation just before Mao's death. The compilation thus demonstrates the sidelining and near irrelevance of Hua Guofeng. A fascinating tool for examining the use of art in the Chinese politics of the time. On the artistic level, a good survey of the officially-sanctioned art and artists of the time. Includes traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, woodblock prints, New Year prints and propaganda posters. The compilation is complete with the 60 plates.
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