Qing Shi Shan Hou Weiyuan Hui ed: GUGONG WUPIN DIANCHA BAOGAO. (Report on the Survey of Objects in the Gugong). Beijing, 2004. c. 400 pp. per volume. 10 vols. 27x19 cm. Boards.
GBP 850.00
Following the expulsion of the last Emperor, Pu Yi, from the Forbidden City at the end of 1924, the Chinese Government established a committee (Qing Shi Shan Hou Weiyuan Hui) to undertake a complete survey and listing of the objects and treasures in the Forbidden City. The committee surveyed the imperial complex, palace by palace and hall by hall, from 1925-30, systematically and exhaustively listing the contents of each, from cloisonne and paintings to rare books, imperial edicts, furniture and jades. This is a facsimile of their report. The original was never generally available, being held for the sole use of government officials, due to its political sensitivity at the time. This report remains the most comprehensive and complete listing of the treasures of the Gugong and was undertaken at a time when the imperial collection was intact in one place - particularly important given that many of the treasures are now divided between Beijing and Taibei. Over 1.1 million objects are described. The importance of this work is further enhanced in that it also contains (in volume 10) the 1933 government survey of the objects and treasures held in the Summer Palace (the Yiheyuan) entitled 'Diancha Beiping Yiheyuan Liuping Wupin Qing Ce'. Again, the original of this report is very elusive. A prime research and reference tool on the Chinese imperial collection, the use and function of halls and palaces, the original locations of objects. In Chinese.
Subjects: Forbidden City Museums
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