Qi Jiguang: YUANBEN YINGYIN MING QI SHAOBAO JIXIAO XINSHU. (A Facsimile Reprint of the Ming Dynasty Work by Qi Jiguang: Jixiao Xinshu). N.p. (Shanghai) n.d. (1920s/30s). Various paginations of folded leaves. Numerous b/w full page illustrations. 6 vols. 20x13 cm. Stitched. Original case.
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Fine lithographic edition of a well-known Chinese work on military history. The author, Qi Jiguang (1528-1587), was a high-ranking and very experienced military officer during the Ming dynasty who produced a very comprehensive military manual. The compilers of the 'Siku Quanshu Congmu' have nothing but praise for the quality of information in Qi's manual and, in particular, for the directness and simplicity of his writing. Many of the chapters, as here, were illustrated and Siku compilers take the 'Jixiao' to refer to these qualities: 'notes' that give 'effective' guidance based on experience.
This edition is a Republic period lithographic reprint, in reduced-format, of a Daoguang 21 (1841) edition.
There is a chapter on banners, and is worthy of attention for the finesse and interest of the woodblock illustrations. It seems also to be lacking one leaf (the first) from the chapter, but what remains is full of lively interest - gate banners, banners of the five directions (including the centre) and their spirits and qualities, banners based on constellations, zodiacal animals and spirit generals.
There is no indication of date but it is obviously a lithographic edition, published by the Zhongguo Wenxue Shuju - the China Literary Bookshop' known to have been active in Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s and who produced high-quality reduced format facsimiles (as here) of famous works.
In fine condition and with the original blue cloth-covered cardboard case. Rare.
Subjects: Illustrated Books Military History
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