PREPARATORY PAINTINGS FOR DECORATIONS IN BEIJING PARKS ON NATIONAL HOLIDAYS AND FESTIVALS. N.p. (Beijing), n.d. (1960s and mainly 70s). Original paintings of varying sizes ranging from 78x54 cm (15) down to 20x27 cm. 20 vols. Various cm. Loose paintings.
GBP 4,000.00
Fascinating collection of 20 original paintings showing proposed designs for propaganda boards and communist style decoration to be erected and installed in the parks of Beijing during national days of celebration during the Cultural Revolution, primarily National Day (Guoqing) and May the First (Wu Yi). Some of the paintings have dates in pencil e.g. 1974 and one painting has a date of 1965 on the depicted scene. The majority of the paintings from the early 1970s. Also some place names in pencil of the proposed location for the finished product - 'Taoranting Park' and 'Dongfang Guangchang' for example. The paintings of varying sizes.
Following the Lin Biao incident in September 1971, the National Day parade in Tian'anmen Square was cancelled as were National Day parades in subsequent years thereafter - parades only being held for special anniversary dates of the founding of the People Republic - e.g. the 50th and 60th Anniversary parades. A government edict in 1971 stated that National Day celebrations were to be focussed on decorations and festivities in parks and public places. These preparatory paintings can be placed in that context and, by extension and association, to May the First celebrations.
All text in Chinese . A very rare assemblage.
Subjects: Painting Propaganda
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