PAIR OF NIANHUA-STYLE PRINTS: 'DA GAN ZUI GUANGRONG: NONGYE XUE DAZHAI' & 'GEMING ZHENG XIANJIN: GONGYE XUE DAQING'. (A Pair of New Year-Style Prints: ' Great Deeds Are the Most Glorious: In Agriculture Learn From Dazhai (L) & 'Advance the Revolutionary Struggle: In Industry Study Daqing' (R)). Shanghai, 1978. 2 colour prints. 68x37 cm. Paper.
GBP 300.00
Pair of near mirror-image late-1970s New Year-style colour prints designed to be hung one on each panel of the double-panelled entrance door of a traditional Chinese dwelling. These prints combine elements of traditional imagery (bountiful harvests and happiness) with strong communist content most obvious in the people depicted. Text in Chinese. Two horizontal creases from being folded up. Otherwise in good condition Rare. Images available on request.
Subjects: Woodcuts Folk Art
Available, as of: 12/02/2022
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