PAIR OF NIANHUA PRINTS: JIANGNAN CHUN ZUO & YING XI JIE FU. (A Pair of New Year Prints: 'Springtime Work in Jiangnan' (L) & 'Welcome Happiness and Accept Good Fortune' (R)). Shanghai, 1962. 2 colour prints. 65x38 cm. Paper.
GBP 500.00
Spectacular pair of early 1960s New Year prints designed to be hung one on each panel of the double-panelled entrance door of a traditional Chinese dwelling. The prints are crowded with images of agricultural bounty - the traditional wish for a good harvest - ranging from chickens, geese, rabbits sheep and a pig through to numerous fruit and vegetables - including, slightly bizarrely, bananas. Indeed, the two prints have a slightly tropical feel to them. Perhaps meant to appeal to villagers throughout China? There is also a communist element in the sturdy and good-natured look of the man and woman depicted. Vibrant colours. Marvellous things. Text in Chinese. Rare.
Item 499 in List 203.
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