PHOTOGRAPHS OF HUA GUOFENG. N.p. (Beijing?), n.d. Late 1970s. 24 b/w press photographs measuring 23x30 cm (14) or 20x15 cm/15x20 cm (10) Various cm. Loose.
GBP 60.00
A group of black-and-white photographs, it seems from two different publications, dating from the late 1970s and showing Mao's successor, Hua Guofeng. The 14 larger photographs show Hua meeting various foreign dignitaries, including a number with the Shah and Empress of Iran. Presumably an attempt to boost his standing as a statesman. The 10 smaller photographs show Chairman Hua amongst the Chinese people. All text in Chinese.
Subjects: Propaganda Photography
Item 507 in List 203.
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