Paek Tuyong: TONG GUK MUNHON NOK & CHO (?) DO NOK. (A Documentary Record of Korea). N.p. (Seoul?), n.d.(1850/60s?) 48; 40; 34 folded leaves. 3 vols. 25x17 cm. Stitched.
GBP 1,900.00
In three volumes. Comprises brief records and biographies of notable historical personalities, kings, officials, literati etc. from throughout Korea's history. Also includes details on palaces, temples, academies and areas of the country. As with many Korean books, hard to date but probably from the early-mid 19th century. Printed using hanja - Chinese characters. A pleasing example of Korean printing with typical Korean paper and a distinct Korean style. Rare.
Subjects: Rare Books
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