Ogawa, K: GENGZI SHIBIAN SHEYING TUJI - YUANMING 'HOKUSHIN JIHEN SHASHINCHO'. Souvenir of the Allies in North China. Beijing, 2000. 4 pp. Chinese text. 6 colour and 126 b/w plates. 42x29 cm. Loose in silk portfolio.
GBP 350.00
Reprint of an extremely rare Japanese 1902 publication of photographs by Ogawa taken in 1901 after the Boxer Rebellion of 1900. This collection comprises the most immediate photographic record taken in the aftermath of the suppression of the Boxers and is of great interest and historical value. The first six plates show colour drawings of military headgear, uniforms and insignia, ranks on uniforms, a general map of the Peking-Tianjin area, more detailed maps of Beijing, Tianjin and smaller towns. The 126 black-and-white plates (primarily with three/four photographs per plate) show scenes in Tianjin, Peking, Shanhaiguan and other places in the area, city walls, military life, damage, military hospitals, officers and soldiers from the eight armies. Includes the earliest aerial photography of Peking and Tianjin (the French brought an observation balloon with them!). Having never seen the original, we are unable to advise whether the illustrations here are the same size but they are certainly more than adequate. Fascinating. Text in Chinese.
Subjects: Beijing Photography
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