National Palace Museum: TIANXIANG QIENAN: XIANGWAN WENHUA TEZHAN. Scents to the Heavens: A Special Exhibition on Agarwood & the Culture of Incense. Taibei, 2018. 165 pp. Full page colour plates throughout. 25x21 cm. Wrappers.
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By the 16th century agarwood had become associated with the highest grades of Chinese incense. This is the catalogue of an exhibition at the National Palace Museum exploring the use of agarwood in incense culture together with items made of agarwood for use by the imperial court and made both for display and for personal adornment. The majority of these items Qing dynasty and from the Museum's impressive collection. Also a number of modern agarwood items and accessories. Illustrated throughout in colour. Introduction and list of plates in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Carvings Jewelry and Silver
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