National Palace Museum: GUIGUI LINLANG YOUMU REN: YUANCANG QINGDAI MENG HUI ZANG WENWU TEZHAN. Splendid Accessories of Nomadic Peoples: Mongolian, Muslim and Tibetan Artifacts of the Qing Dynasty from the Museum Collection. Taibei, 2017. 175 pp. Colour plates throughout, a number full page. 30x21 cm. Wrappers.
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Catalogue of an exhibition at the National Palace Museum in Taibei showing Mongolian, Muslim and Tibetan items in the Museum's collection, presumably submitted as tribute to the Qing court. In four sections: 'Esteemed Vessels of Food and Drink'; 'Immersed in Tibetan Buddhism'; 'Conversing in Coral And Turquoise'; 'Treasures Transcending Borders'. Many fine pieces focussing mainly on the daily life of these peoples. Predominantly shows jewellery, eating utensils and vessels made from a variety of materials, semiprecious stones, gold and silver. A good amount of English text including introductions and captions to plates. Fuller text in Chinese.
Subjects: Art
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