National Palace Museum: RUO SHUI DENG HUA: YUAN CANG BOLI WENWU TEZHAN. Limpid Radiance: A Special Exhibition of Glass Artifacts from the National Palace Museum Collection. Taibei, 2017. 223 pp. Colour plates throughout, a number full page. 30x21 cm. Wrappers.
GBP 80.00
Catalogue of an exhibition at the National Palace Museum in Taibei showing 249 examples of Qing dynasty Chinese (and some European) glass objects from the collection of the National Palace Museum. In three sections: 1. Fire and Fusion: The Origins of Glass; 2. Opulence and Simplicity: Glassware at the Qing Court; 3. Myriad Perceptions through Lenses: Optical Applications of Glass. Nineteen examples of ancient Chinese glass are followed by 218 examples of Qing dynasty Chinese glass (and some European examples). Finally 12 examples of optical glass - mostly European 18th and 19th century. The Chinese glass of a very wide variety and includes very fine snuff bottles, painted enamels on glass, a glass ruyi sceptre (!) and much other interesting material. The European examples mostly 18th century and show the Qing court fascination with things from abroad. Much previously-unpublished material. List of plates, introductions to each section and captions to plates in English. Main text in Chinese. A good contribution to the subject.
Subjects: Glass
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