National Palace Museum Southern Branch: LAN BAI HUI YING: YUANCANG MINGDAI QINGHUACI ZHAN. Radiating Hues of Blue and White: Ming Dynasty Blue-and-White Porcelains in the National Palace Museum Collection. 藍白輝映 : 院藏明代青花瓷展. Taibei, 2015. 343 pp. Colour plates throughout, many full page. 31x21 cm. Wrappers.
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Catalogue of a splendid exhibition at the newly opened Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum near Gaoxiong in Taiwan. Shows a total of 160 wonderful exhibits from the Museum's collection, of which 135 are from various reigns of the Ming dynasty in China, 20 are Vietnamese from the corresponding period, and 5 pieces of varying later dates from Korea (1), Japan (3) and Iran (1). These non-Chinese ceramics demonstrate the Ming influence. The exhibition divided into four main sections: 1. Early Ming Underglaze Blue-and-White Porcelain from the Hongwu to the Xuande Periods: 1368-1435 (45 exhibits); 2. Mid-Ming Underglaze Blue-and-White Porcelain from the Zhengtong to the Zhengde Periods: 1436-1521 (46 examples); 3. Late Ming Underglaze Blue-and-White Porcelain from the Jiajing Reign to the End of the Ming Dynasty: 1522-1644 (44 pieces); 4. Asian Blue-and-White Porcelains: Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Iran (25 examples). All exhibits illustrated in their entirety and the large majority also in multiple views showing close-up detail, bases and basemarks. It would appear that a good number of the exhibits have rarely, if ever, been shown before. Good descriptions and text accompany. Near dual texts in Chinese and English.
Subjects: Ceramics
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