National Palace Museum Southern Branch: YUE GUO KUNLUN SHAN DE ZHENBAO: YUAN CANG YISILAN YUQI TE ZHAN. Treasures from across the Kunlun Mountains: Islamic Jades in the National Palace Museum Collection. Taibei, 2015. 311 pp. Colour plates throughout. 31x21 cm. Wrappers.
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Catalogue of an exhibition at the newly-opened Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum showing 273 wonderful Islamic jades from the Museum's collection and thus that of the former Chinese imperial collection. The Qing emperors, particularly Qianlong, avidly collected Islamic jade. All 273 examples illustrated in colour and described in good detail. In five sections: Part One: The Eastward Transmission: The Imperial Frontier-Expanding Enterprise; Part Two: Breathtaking Splendour - Imperial Appreciation; Part Three: Distant Domains - Styles and Characteristics; Part Four: Aesthetics - Usage and Appreciation; Part Five: Influences - The Sparks of Colliding Civilizations. Three essays accompany. Near dual texts in Chinese and English.
Subjects: Jade Islamic Art
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